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Just you wait until Brexit has actually happened, we're only in the transition phase now. Just you wait until you have to make sure your (blue) passport is valid for at least six months. Just you wait until you need an international driving license just to drive a car in some EU countries. Just you wait until your travel insurance skyrockets because the EHIC won't be valid any more. Just you wait until you need to apply for a visa waiver before even traveling to the EU, like you already have to do before traveling to the US.

And yes, that's exactly what you voted for. Sovereignty goes both ways. If the UK "takes back control of its borders", so does the EU.

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This is a pretty good summary of the whole unholy mess we're in. And a reminder why we need to hold the perpetrators to account once it all goes really wrong.

Brexit Day is no cause for celebration – this is a moment of profound national shame

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This leaves a few open points/questions.....

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Quite frankly, I don't really care. I'm just going to ignore their gloating. And then pay it back once it all goes wrong. "You won, you own it!", "You won, get over it!" I know we should be better than them, but quite frankly, I don't care any more. I'll let them gloat for now. Should they be right after all (which I'm pretty sure they won't be) then I'll be happy for them as it will also benefit me. But if they're not (which I firmly believe) then I feel I've earned the right to gloat and to blame. Then I feel I've earned the right to hold them accountable for the misery they have brought on to the country. Then I feel I've earned the right to rub their noses in it.

Brexit celebrations ‘rub our noses in it’, says Heseltine

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Well, it's hard to show solidarity with people who didn't want to listen, who gloated, who insulted you and called you names. It's hard not to say, "you won, get over it". It's hard not so say, "you won, you own it". Especially because when it all goes pear shaped there will be no apology forthcoming, only blame. Blame for those who warned, blame for those who tried to stop or at least soften the disaster they could see coming.

With Boris Johnson in control, the danger is that liberals will give up the fight

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An important appeal and call to action: Make the Brexiteers own it. All the pain and suffering they will bring on to the country now is theirs. Let them not get away with any excuses or attempts to shift the blame. They won. So they own it. Every single bit of it.

Week in Review: Make them own it

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