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The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election

But voting mail seems to be not affected

Interesting and a bit scary analysis. Not sure if I buy it entirely, I think a lot of the vote was also an "ABC" vote ("Anyone But Corbyn"), as quite a few voters were plainly scared of him, even when they disliked Johnson immensely. Still, there are some interesting points in this analysis.

For Johnson’s Tories, the collapse of public trust isn’t a problem – it’s an opportunity

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While you can't entirely compare it (as some people would have probably voted differently under a different system) it still gives an indication.

My guess is if the UK had a proportional system some of the smaller parties (e.g. Greens) would have more seats (as people currently don't vote for them as in most places it's a wasted vote) while most of the larger parties (Tories, Labour and also the SNP) would have fewer seats, in some cases significantly.

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reshare from @Thorsten 'Das Leben, das Univers…' Leemhuis(1/6)

So Boris Johnson gets the election he so desperately wanted. And by doing that he actually throws the Remainers a lifeline. Many think the Tories will easily win this election. While it is possible that he wins it I think there's still a good chance that he'll rue the decision to go after an election instead of sitting it out and somehow pushing through his WA. He was quite close. Now if the Remainers get their act together and Boris Johnson messes up a few times (plenty of opportunities for him to do that) there could very well be another hung parliament (among other reasons because there's a good chance the old two party system is dead). There could even be "grand coalition" of Labour, LibDems and SNP as almost certainly nobody will enter a coalition with the Tories if they don't get a majority.

This could get very interesting. And very very nasty.

Election 2019: Remainers have one last chance

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Okay, someone explain this to me: quite a few Brexiteers and Leave voters as well as parts of the government keep saying we can't have a second EU referendum. One of their arguments is "you can't ask the people to vote until you get the result that you want". Yet it seems to be fine for the government to have one "meaningful vote"after another to try to get Theresa May's Brexit deal through Parliament. Isn't that voting until you get the result that you want?
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