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Two older articles, but still interesting today:

The blue passport is taking back control? No, it was first imposed on us from abroad - So the only thing that changes is the colour (which wasn't mandatory anyway) and most of the other measures are forced on the UK by (no surprise there) the US. Unless the Brexiteers want to give up visa free travel to the US and make travelling generally more difficult, which doesn't play nicely with "global Britain"

Now we're getting blue passports back, what else can Britain restore? - Seems there isn't exactly much. Except for pointless nonsense most of the younger generation won't understand and won't work with the proclaimed goal of "global Britain"

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Unless something changes all that talk about "sovereignty" and "letting our own parliament decide our laws" was just yet another empty promise, certainly in regards to trade deals with all their legal, economical and societal consequences. It will just be another power grab by a Tory government with impacts lasting for generations, possibly forever.

Think Britain has sovereignty over trade deals? Not when MPs can’t stop them

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Just you wait until Brexit has actually happened, we're only in the transition phase now. Just you wait until you have to make sure your (blue) passport is valid for at least six months. Just you wait until you need an international driving license just to drive a car in some EU countries. Just you wait until your travel insurance skyrockets because the EHIC won't be valid any more. Just you wait until you need to apply for a visa waiver before even traveling to the EU, like you already have to do before traveling to the US.

And yes, that's exactly what you voted for. Sovereignty goes both ways. If the UK "takes back control of its borders", so does the EU.

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OK, someone explain this to me: UKIP promote the UK leaving the EU with all these slogans about sovereignty, taking back control and not wanting to be governed by the Brussels bureaucracy. Yet at the same time they want to reverse devolution within the UK? So that Wales (and presumably Scotland, following the same logic) will be controlled by the bureaucrats in the centralised England focused ministries in Westminster? Do they not understand the rather obvious contradiction?
UKIP call for referendum to scrap assembly in 2024 - BBC News
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