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Das sind zur hälfte #bugs im System .. kannstes glauben, ich studiere den #shadowban von einzelnen Kommentaren den youtube betreibt seit etwa einem Monat ..

So I just got #shadowban'ed by #yotube on two answers, each of 'em on the respective pinned comment by #theyoungturks about freedom of speech in two different videos.

Here are the comments that still figure in my youtube app on #android phone like posted. Even the response count includes my comment in the counting.

#Freespeech? #Democracy? #FreedomOfInformation?
harharhar ..
Google and "freespeech"?
You guys have no idea what that company is standing for at this point and how you yourself, the young turks, are making money of the technics that are used to influence people on a subconcious level.
Youtube pulls 228 million comments in three month with an algorithm by #shadowban.
Need proof?
Here you are:
(I guess you have people that understand spanisch at hand, otherwise just send this link to #AOC)
Welcome to big brother 2.0
From now on our algorithms will administer the dopamin your behavior deserves.
Oha .. I hate to bring it to you Andrew but you will have to rewrite your book.
YT right now is pulling more than 228 million comments and answers to comments by algorithm in three month with shadowban! That's their own data.
Reasons are uncertain as there is no law to open source those algos by default to protect freedom of speech.
The only reasonable way to stop this is decentralization by default and moderation by the respective nodes and the users.
Zuckerberg for example knows that but he can't say it because share holders will fry him.
The problem we are facing is because of jazzing up user numbers without any reasonable way of filtering. You just can't connected the whole world without creating a big f** mess. We don't do it in real life neither.
Prof Dr. Peter Kruse explains that brillantly, you'll find bit's of him here on YT.
I'm sorry that the content of the following link is in spanisch but I'm investigating that algorithm "reverse engeneering" over a month now on spanisch YT commenting on politics democracy and democratic elections:
#google .. be evil
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