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What they don't mention: this works both ways. It also stops UK citizens from moving to the EU without a work permit. If the EU member states (as that's largely a country decision) appliy the same or similar criteria many UK citizens will struggle to get a job in Europe. Language skills? Mostly lacking. Summer job in the tourist industry? Probably too low paid. Retirement in sunny Spain or France? Only if you're rich and can afford it.
All of this is rarely mentioned in the press and pretty much never by the politicians. I wonder why?

Immigration system will 'put people before passports' - PM

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In other news I am taking early #retirement from #intel 31/12/2019.

I've lost enough friends young to know that nobody can or should simply assume they will live until state retirement age (in fact I believe it's something like 1 in 10 who won't) - so given I have the opportunity to retire early I am taking the chance to escape the capitalist rat-race, get married to Tara, enjoy life, spend more time with family, teach people that 1st edition AD&D is the one true version, make ancient computers do things they were not intended to, and become the world's worst guitar player.

Intel has been a fun place to work for a decade or so, a lot of cool people and a lot of cool projects.

(And just to head off the conspiracy theorists this was planned for a very long time)

Note to recruiters: unless you can offer me the rôle of supreme overlord and emperor of the sol system I'm probably not interested. And if you can... you probably don't want to give me that job.
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