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Didn't they promise that once we had left the EU there would be £350M/week for the NHS? Didn't they promise there would be dozens of amazing trade deals signed the minute after Brexit happened? Didn't they promise the UK wouldn't have to pay a single penny of the "divorce bill"? I guess a lot of Brexiteers must be feeling rather sheepish now.....

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Soon reality will collide heavily with the empty slogans and promises made to win the election. Hopefully Boris Johnson and the Tories will be held to account.

Many in the north backed Brexit. They will soon begin to feel the costs

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Some great writing from Marina again, expressing wonderfully something I was thinking about today:

Dominic Cummings said MPs (in particular on the Remain side) shouldn't be surprised people are angry with them and threaten them because they didn't deliver Brexit after promising that they would honour the result of the referendum. I think what he overlooks is that the Leave campaign also promised a bright and fantastic and beautiful future with no downsides, only upsides. Now let's assume Brexit happens, you deliver Brexit, but it doesn't turn out that great after all. None of the problems you promised it would solve are solved. In worst case there are lots of job losses, all kinds of shortages and possibly even people dying because of Brexit. That will all be on you. You didn't deliver what you promised. You didn't keep your promises. It will all be on you. People will be angry with you. Very angry. Especially if they see that you don't suffer or have even gained from Brexit while they suffer. Good luck with the angry mob that will be baying for you.

Tory MPs beware: if you whip up an angry mob, they may end up angry with you | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

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