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Just posted on my personal blog, in case you're interested in some music:

What I've been listening to recently

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What I’ve been listening to recently
Just posted on my personal blog, what I'm listening to tonight:


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My New Year’s Eve 2019 Playlist

WWW 30th Birthday Playlist

This morning (12 March 2019) Sir Tim Berners-Lee returned to CERN for a panel discussion as part of his 30-hour journey to mark the 30th anniversary of his original proposal for the World Wide Web. As he left, CERN gave him a gift of a playlist from 1989, recorded onto an audio cassette tape and presented together with a Sony Walkman.

Here's the playlist:

* Like a Prayer / Madonna
* She Drives Me Crazy / Fine Young Cannibals
* Desire / U2
* Devil Inside / INXS
* Don't Worry Be Happy / Bobby McFerrin
* Englishman in New York / Sting
* Got My Mind Set on You / George Harrison
* Peek-a-Boo / Siouxsie and the Banshees
* Where is My Mind? / Pixies
* The Race / Yello
* Eternal Flame / The Bangles
* Belfast Child / Simple Minds
* Like a Prayer / Madonna

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