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Today’s Internet Still Relies on an ARPANET-Era Protocol: The Request for Comments - IEEE Spectrum

Very fascinating that it was just a bunch of students laid the foundation for the protocols for the internet today.

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When you building actually is a giant network switch

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Urs Hölzle auf Twitter: "Ok here's a new one: did you know that cows can cause network outages? Don't laugh, it happened to us. The beginning of the story: recently, we noticed frequent short outages ("flaps") on a multi-terabit fiber path through Oregon.…

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Windows 10 quietly got a built-in network sniffer, how to use
That's a nice feature, but I still prefer Wireshark

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**Science girl auf Twitter: "This is a wireless antenna in California. Network coverage was disrupted by an Acorn woodpecker, a 3 ounce bird stashing an estimated 35-50 gallons/300lbs of acorns.

So that explains the slow dataspeed!
#birds #acorn #network" / Twitter**

🔎Julia Evans🔍 auf Twitter: „network protocols“ / Twitter

illustrative drawings of #network related stuff.

Johannes Deger auf Twitter: „Genau mein Humor.“ / Twitter

appropriate solution!
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Jan Schaumann auf Twitter: „(A few) Ops Lessons We All Learn The Hard Way -- a Twitter 🧵:“ / Twitter

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Target Stores Crippled By Cash Register Computer Failure : NPR

So no one is able to use pen and paper?
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Thx to @Joseph Teller for the initial link
To me, Openbook feels like Google+ in its first months: On Facebook, you meet the people you already know. On Openbook you meet the people, you'd like to meet!

Für mich fühlt sich Openbook so an wie Google+ in den ersten Monaten: Auf Facebook triffst du die Leute, die du schon kennst. Auf Openbook triffst du die Leute, die du gern kennenlernen möchtest!

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