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Dennis Demmer auf Twitter: "My #styleGAN has learned to create new plants based on the @BioDivLibrary #OpenAccess artworks. #ArtificialIntelligence #ai #MachineLearning #ml #OpenScience" / Twitter

This is totally cool!
#NVIDIA acquires #Mellanox: yesterday‘s rumour became reality today.

Why did they do that? #Datacenter operators accelerate computing power with NVIDIA #GPU‘s for increasing #AI or #DL/#ML workloads. Mellanox empowers networks to reach ever new speeds and nearly eliminated latency. Last is most important for cloud computing setups and the increasing number of service providers such as Zalando, booking or Amazon.

The racy thing about the current acquisition is NVIDIA‘s engagement in future #technology like autonomous driving and industrial networks generally. Processing huge amounts of data in a maximum distributed environment is a big challenge – and in the case of selfdriving cars it becomes life critical literally. I understand, that a company like NVIDIA wants to get as much control as possible over as much components as possible. Or why would have been Intel so keen on the same subject?

With picking the sweetest cherry from the tree NVIDIA gets an enormous head start in the race.
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