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Währenddessen leisten auf der ISS aktuell zwei Frauen ihren Dienst. Sie sind damit die Nummern 36 und 37 auf der Liste der weiblichen Teammitglieder. Mittelalter. Tiefstes frauenfeindliches Mittelalter...😑...!

"In Iran, a woman has been sentenced to one year in prison for not wearing a headscarf. Two years ago, 32-year-old Wida Mowahed wanted to protest against the headscarf obligation in the Islamic Republic - and therefore took off her cover in downtown Tehran. That is why she was arrested and now sentenced for indecent behaviour and public commotion."

Meanwhile, two women are currently serving on the ISS. They are now numbers 36 and 37 on the list of female team members. This is just deepest misogynistic medieval ages...😑...!

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