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@Hypolite Petovan ok we're not understanding each other here.

When I search for mangas I typically want to see mangas. When I search for porn actresses in bikini I typically want to see bikini soft porn. Nothing is wrong with either, but when I see my stream filled with this kind of rubbish (warning: NSFW) and it's all tagged with #manga and #cosplay it's just not right. This is what the bloody thing looks like, and it's possibly the worst idea for a cosplay ever and definitely not sexy and doesn't have three faces or even tits.

Go ahead, look for yourself. What I currently see on my pod is:
  • nazi crap
  • anarchy crap
  • a cople of anime-related youtube videos (yeah, evangelion is originally an anime)
  • some german article with two chicks in a bath tub
  • an actual manga (!)
  • a weird psychedelic video
  • fan-made porn of some american videogame
  • sluts in bikini
and so on and so on. I hope I made my point.
But honestly I’m pretty amused by this soap opera.
meh. I'd like to see something about #GranblueFantasy, #Mini4WD, #FinalFantasy, #manga (and I don't mean the american-style bra wearing wohoo look at me I'm a slut but no I'm a pikachu cuz my bra is yellow kind of shit), #DylanDog.... that's the kind of stuff that would entertain me. Nazi talk is just boring to tears. Booooo-riiiiing yawn
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