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Invisible workers: Underpaid, exploited and put at risk on Europe’s farms


They toil away for hours on end, under blazing sunshine or drenching rain, to cultivate and harvest the fruits and vegetables we so easily take for granted.

As the coronavirus pandemic swept across Europe, those helping to bring food to our plates suddenly became visible, even hailed as "essential workers". But for the past six decades, the European Union's farming policy has overlooked their labour rights and living conditions.

The EU’s common agricultural policy – which accounts for over a third of the bloc's budget – aims to support farm owners and pumps nearly €60 billion into the sector each year. The working conditions of those employed by these farms, however, are not even mentioned in the subsidies scheme.

"At the moment we have this crazy situation where we actually have better protection for animals than for some of these workers on our farms," said German Green MEP Daniel Freund. (...)

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