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This kind of links to the earlier post about the Tories not being the party of business any more. While the UK hasn't fallen into a recession (yet) after the Brexit vote the reason for that is that the lack of investment in new technologies and the lack of training in new skills and technologies has been compensated by simply hiring more people (funnily from abroad). Now the Brexiteers will ignore the lack of investment but claim the increased employment shows how strong Britain is. Except, it isn't. People can be fired comparably easy. Investments in expensive machine sit on your balance sheet and hurt your P&L for a long time. Hence companies in an uncertain environment will rather hire more people than invest in technology. The remaining employees after the big let-offs not trained in new technologies will hurt your competitiveness and productivity for years to come. Good luck with trying to be a global and buccaneering Britain in a cut throat world market.....

Migrant labour has saved Britain from a post-referendum recession | Business | The Guardian

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Interesting analysis, especially the points about productivity and where jobs are likely to be after Brexit. Also keep in mind that workers are comparably easy to get rid of, while with other investments (in particular capital investment) that isn't that easy. Meaning the high job creation over the last few years isn't necessarily despite Brexit, but to an extent because of (ie employing people you can get rid of fairly easily if need be instead of improving efficiency through modernising machines which will sit on your balance sheet for some time).

The British economy creates lots of jobs – not lots of pay rises | Philip Inman | Business | The Guardian

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