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"Le Grand Van Gogh" by the artist Bruno Catalano. On the website you can find more of his work about travellers/immigration/the gaps that are left.
"looking at them up close, these exiles, these wounded people are not anonymous. Their faces are those of famous artists, starting with Vincent Van Gogh, with a thick beard and emaciated features. "(from the website)

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"Le Grand Van Gogh" by the artist Bruno Catalano. On the website you can find more of his work about travellers/immigration/the gaps that are left.
"looking at them up close, these exiles, these wounded people are not anonymous. Their faces are those of famous artists, starting with Vincent Van Gogh, with a thick beard and emaciated features. "(from the website)

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Good old Nigel Farage will be fuming. And then blame it all on the inflexible EU, as usual.
Immigration barrister Colin Yeo, author of Welcome To Britain: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System, said: “The Royal Navy cannot simply enter French waters without an agreement to return migrants crossing the Channel.

“The French authorities would need to agree to accept any returns and because of the variety of hard Brexit sought by the UK government, the current returns arrangement, called the Dublin regulation, is ending on 31 December 2020, with no sign of any replacement being negotiated. It will become harder to return migrants to France in 2021, not easier.”
UK plan to use navy to stop migrant crossings is unlawful, lawyers warn

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A painful and brutal truth. If the planned points based immigration system goes ahead the UK will sadly only find out in a decade or later, if ever, on how much talent it has missed out. And the UK's loss will be other countries gain.

The UK wants the 'best' immigrants. Why would they want the UK?
With its new points-based immigration system, Britain should realise it is not the only one able to pick and choose

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Good luck to UK workers wanting to work in the EU (or other non English speaking countries) if the EU (or other non English speaking countries) reciprocate and require skills in the relevant local language. I'm pretty sure a vastly higher percentage of non-British workers learn English than English workers learning any other foreign language....

UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers

PS: just to be clear, I support expectations/requirements for immigrants to integrate, incl to learn the local language. But I wouldn't necessarily make it a requirement to be allowed in in the first place (if you need it for the job and don't speak it you won't be hired anyway). But once you're there and in particular if you intend to stay it should be a requirement. But that goes both ways: Brits retiring to Spain, Portugal or France should be required to learn the respective local language, integrate and don't live in British expat ghettos with British pubs, British newspapers and more.

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I've got mixed feelings about this. On one side it would be a nice move by the EU to maintain the goodwill and friendship with those in the UK open to the EU. On the other side I'm convinced there will be no movement at all on the UK side, the government is hellbent on making it more difficult for immigrants to come to the UK and won't change a thing about the messed up settled status system. It will also provide a nice boost to the Brexiteers, "see, we can have our cake and eat it", retain free movement of Brits to the EU while stopping all EU free movement to the UK.

Sadiq Khan urges EU to offer Britons 'associate citizenship'

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Blody imigrants, cuming hear, lerning ur language.....

GCSE English results: Children of immigrants do better than classmates

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I wonder what the ********* who put up these posters has to say about all the Brits moving to Spain and France (mainly) to retire in the sun but never bother to learn any of the local lingo (not to mention eating only English food at English pubs while reading English language newspapers).....

Police called in after poster tells residents of flats to speak English

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What they don't mention: this works both ways. It also stops UK citizens from moving to the EU without a work permit. If the EU member states (as that's largely a country decision) appliy the same or similar criteria many UK citizens will struggle to get a job in Europe. Language skills? Mostly lacking. Summer job in the tourist industry? Probably too low paid. Retirement in sunny Spain or France? Only if you're rich and can afford it.
All of this is rarely mentioned in the press and pretty much never by the politicians. I wonder why?

Immigration system will 'put people before passports' - PM

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It will be interesting to see how the EU countries reciprocate (to my knowledge this is largely for the individual countries to decide, the EU can only give recommendations). Once the first cases of Brits being deported from Spain, France etc because they didn't register there hit the tabloids the uproar will be huge.

With his majority in place, Johnson chips away at EU citizen's rights

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I suspect most of the Tory ministers would fare similarly.....

The whole thing is a bad pub quiz which does virtually nothing for integration. It has almost nothing to do with actual life in Britain.

Tory minister humiliated as she fails at her own department's citizenship test - Mirror Online

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I'm confused. I thought the new immigration process to the UK would be points based so that only the people with the right skills could enter the UK? Now they are proposing "free movement" (yes, they even call it that) in order to get a trade deal with Australia?

UK flags visa plan in Australia pre-Brexit trade talks

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Just a little reminder:

Nigel Farage: no Briton could work as hard as my German wife - Telegraph

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Surely people knew what they were voting for? Also, didn't he promise hardly anything would change in our trading relationship with the EU?
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Twitter: Daniel Hannan on Twitter (Daniel Hannan)

So what happened to "taking back control of our borders"? How are you going to stop hundreds or even thousands of illegal immigrants or even criminals pouring in when there are no checks or controls?
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Twitter: BBC Politics on Twitter (BBC Politics)

So is he also going to tell the many British "expats" living in non-English speaking countries (Spain, France come to mind) to learn the local lingo? Because many don't bother and live in their own English speaking enclaves. In particular those who voted Leave while benefiting from free movement....
(Even though I otherwise in principle agree with him, if you move to another country you have to obtain at least a working knowledge of the local language and ideally become fluent)
Tory leadership race: Immigrants must learn English, says Johnson | News | The Times
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I doubt that will go down well with many UKIP/Brexit Party voters. Don't that want to send all EU citizens "home"? And he's going to offer them free citizenship?
Michael Gove to pledge free UK citizenship for 3m EU nationals | Politics | The Guardian
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So all finalists in both the Champions League and the Europa League are from the English Premier League. I'm pretty sure some Brexiteer will claim that's a show of strength for England and that Brexit is nothing to fear.

Well, should we look at the teams? If I counted correctly Arsenal and Chelsea played one English player each. Or in other words, less than 10%. Tottenham played two English players. And Liverpool played three English players (if you count British players four, as Robertson is Scottish. I'm not counting Sturridge who only came on for a minute or so). Oh, and none of the managers was English, not even British.

Considering that the Brexit vote was fought and "won" under an anti-immigration agenda.....

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They've only just started and have already messed up. That really gives me confidence. Confidence that there will be plenty more fuck ups to come. Plenty.
Brexit: Home Office sorry for EU citizen data breach
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Good read on why Brexit has become such a joke. Also several good points why the leave voters are and will be rather disappointed by the results should Brexit actually happen.
Brexit has become a Monty Pythonesque joke | Financial Times
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Conveniently forgetting that the white population isn't actually native, but is all immigrant, forcing their way of life and multiculturalism on to the native Maori population....

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