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And here we are with the next #hellban harvested in the channel of #theyoungturks.
This time in a conversation of a standard comment with a user:

Under the link of the following comment there should be an answer:
@Heidi Melcarek
Sounds to me that you are looking at our conversation from the wrong side of the street. For me it’s just a conversation adding ideas and view points, not a discussion with opposing points of view.
I agree with your “dream team” for the election also for now a Sanders/Warren ticket looks more likely.
Talking about greed, can it exist in a world without numbers? :)

This is the next answer that is also hidden by a #hellban, it is located under the following message:
Dear Heidi,
please don’t get this wrong.
Besides the fact that I’m trying to have an interesting conversation with you, not a confrontation, I’m trying to document a so called “hellban” algorithm of this site.
I’m also trying to inform tyt about this because I think they don’t know about it.
Here a screen that proofs my point:
(if this message goes through)
I didn’t get a notification of the answer of the “jesuisatire” profile.
Actually youtube updated the hellban data for the next quarter, now they are up to 537 million hidden comments.
To be exact:

Wanna bet that they will say it was an error that will not happen again?
This time we still catch them.
And the next time, will we be aware about what is happening and how they manipulate the citizens?
Only a law that obligates them to turn down their wallet gardens, to decentralize the system can prevent that this will happen again.

There is no free market any more in this monopoly build up by google, android, youtube or for example facebook.

This can only be solved by law or and or grass roots movement.
The algorithms have to be open source, the walls of their gardens have to be torn down by the obligation to admit open source protocols like #activitypub as it is used for example by #peertube or #mastodon.

Media outlet's like the young turks can offer right now to their supporters their "product" publishing via their own peertube site, besides the existing youtube offer. They also could offer social networking via a mastodon instance. Actually every media outlet, NY times, CNN .. every one could do that. They could decentralize the moderation, sort and protect their users by selecting to which sites they connect their server of a decentralized social web.

Or they can decide to be at the mercy of a few monopolies that do with their algorithms what ever they please.
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