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Does this government know what it wants? Just last week it was "get back to work" (which in reality meant "get back to the office", probably because the real estate funds were putting pressure on them), now I read:
"Mr Hancock, who has spoken to the mayor this weekend, told Times Radio he would not rule out the possibility that Londoners could be told this week to avoid the commute and get back to working from home."

In August we were told "Eat out to help out", now there's talk of reducing pub & restaurant hours and even a "circuit breaker" (some kind of mini lockdown) or in worst case a proper lockdown as the last resort.

And now you tell people "follow the rules"? They did. They went out, just like you wanted them to.

I also keep hearing (from certain circles) what a genius Dominic Cummings is and that everything is planned and that he is hiring maverick super forecasters and more. So why did he and his maverick super forecasters not forecast what's happening now? Anyone with half a brain could see that with opening up infection rates would go up.

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