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@Stuart Duckworth, @Vladimir, @Brian Ó 🐟, @Violante de Rojas, @Jim Symon, @Shane Rogers, @Chris Genly @Boris B, @Christoph S, @Taraak Cynos, @Kai Lücke,, @astheroth 明日照 thank you, I have high hopes. (I think I managed to add everyone.)

Also, @Ted, snowbird or native? (#floridacracker asking, but no judgment either way :P)

@Noam Bergman Ha, thank you, that's what I need, someone to enable my bad decisions. And yes, tea is for all occasions.

@Emmanuel Florac Thank you, I love fiddling with things, I may look at it when I have the time.

@Michael Fenichel Haha, it was probably #literature, philosophy on the internet is a dangerous thing. And thanks, that's helpful, glad I chose D* then; I can definitely be numbered among the community and collection fans. :)
I'm more concerned about etiquette than the jargon. It seems to be a lot harder to pick that up, both on the internet and irl, perhaps because there's more noise, i.e. a larger proportion of people not complying with and/or caring about etiquette/customs/whatever.

@Robbie Nice to meet you then. Yes, FB is now exclusively for family, and friends I can't seem to shake. :)
In real life I'm not shy, but people tend to think I am (since I am bookish and capable of being quiet), so I think we'll get along fine.
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