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Good luck to UK workers wanting to work in the EU (or other non English speaking countries) if the EU (or other non English speaking countries) reciprocate and require skills in the relevant local language. I'm pretty sure a vastly higher percentage of non-British workers learn English than English workers learning any other foreign language....

UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers

PS: just to be clear, I support expectations/requirements for immigrants to integrate, incl to learn the local language. But I wouldn't necessarily make it a requirement to be allowed in in the first place (if you need it for the job and don't speak it you won't be hired anyway). But once you're there and in particular if you intend to stay it should be a requirement. But that goes both ways: Brits retiring to Spain, Portugal or France should be required to learn the respective local language, integrate and don't live in British expat ghettos with British pubs, British newspapers and more.

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I've got mixed feelings about this. On one side it would be a nice move by the EU to maintain the goodwill and friendship with those in the UK open to the EU. On the other side I'm convinced there will be no movement at all on the UK side, the government is hellbent on making it more difficult for immigrants to come to the UK and won't change a thing about the messed up settled status system. It will also provide a nice boost to the Brexiteers, "see, we can have our cake and eat it", retain free movement of Brits to the EU while stopping all EU free movement to the UK.

Sadiq Khan urges EU to offer Britons 'associate citizenship'

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What they don't mention: this works both ways. It also stops UK citizens from moving to the EU without a work permit. If the EU member states (as that's largely a country decision) appliy the same or similar criteria many UK citizens will struggle to get a job in Europe. Language skills? Mostly lacking. Summer job in the tourist industry? Probably too low paid. Retirement in sunny Spain or France? Only if you're rich and can afford it.
All of this is rarely mentioned in the press and pretty much never by the politicians. I wonder why?

Immigration system will 'put people before passports' - PM

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Admittedly this is a special case, but I'm pretty sure he won't be the only British "expat" who loses his job because of Brexit, especially if it is a no deal Brexit. Certain qualifications probably won't be recognised any more, Brits working in multiple countries will have problems with work permits (even if they have a residence permit for their new "home" country), certain requirements will not be fulfilled (like in this case, where you need to be an EU citizen).

How Brexit will force Scots-born German mayor from office

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Something the Brexiteers will never understand our acknowledge, they will just dismiss it with a platitude "but we've lived and worked abroad before the EU". Which is technically true, people have done that. But in far far lower numbers and with much much higher difficulties.

Brits in Europe aren’t all old and rich – and thanks to Priti Patel we’re about to lose our livelihoods

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