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Is it time to start panic buying yet?

Currently I'm moving towards thinking it will be either Crash Brexit (formerly known as no deal Brexit) by incompetence (formerly known as accident) or no Brexit at all. I'd be very happy with the latter, but I fear the former is the more likely. Here's my reasoning:

As we know Theresa May's "deal" (it's not the deal anyway, just the withdrawal agreement) was just voted down again. Resoundingly. Tomorrow will see a vote about no deal. I think parliament will probably vote against no deal. So what happens then? In another vote parliament might then vote for an extension of article 50, but only just. But there's a catch: The UK can't unilaterally extend article 50, it can only ask the EU for an extension. To which the EU needs to agree unanimously. And the EU has already clarified that they will only consider an extension if the UK can present a clear reason and most importantly a clear plan how to resolve the issue. Which the UK can't. Because nobody has a f***ing clue how to fix this mess. Well, or at least not in a way they can agree on.

So the clock ticks down to the 29th of March when the UK will drop out of the EU by automatic operation of the law. Simple as that. Something the ERG nutcases will be very pleased with, and they will do their everything to achieve exactly that.

If no extension is granted because there is no agreeable proposal how and by when to resolve the issue but parliament still wants to avoid Crash Brexit, then it needs to get its act together and push through a revocation of article 50. Which the UK can do unilaterally. But at this point nobody is really talking about and at least at this point I don't see any real appetite for it either.

And all the while life is on hold, business is spending millions (or more likely billions) in trying to prepare, more and more international businesses are abandoning the UK, jobs are lost or not created and the economy suffers.

Interesting times we live in.....

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