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Nach Wechselwunsch von #Messi: #Quakenbrücker SC macht #Barcelona erstes Kaufangebot

"wir haben zusammen gelegt..."

RAW Photographers, watch out!

📷 Round 2019-03 of #diaspoRAW 📸

Show us how YOU process the RAW file of this round.
✱ Get creative! ✱ Be inspired! ✱ Learn! ✱ Have fun! ✱

How to participate:
  • Share this post to get more photographers on board.
  • Download the provided RAW file and process it with your preferred RAW processor.
  • Post your result public adding the tags #diaspoRAW and #diaspoRAW-2019-03. Try to post no later than by end of the month. Add a comment with a link to your picture to the original announcement post.
  • Add #diaspoRAW to your followed tags or just keep an eye on the tag.
  • View, comment, discuss and "like" the results of other participants.
  • New rounds with new RAW files will be started every month.
Download the RAW file in DNG format for this round at:

This RAW picture has been created by Frank Nitsch, who is also the copyright owner. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. A template text for handling the Creative Commons license attribution can be found at the same location as the RAW file. Its name is diaspoRAW-legal-notes-2019-03.txt.

Share this post with your photographer friends. Thank you!

The RAW picture for last round #diaspoRAW-2019-02 was provided by @Justin Pletzfeld. A big thank you to the following photographers for presenting their unique versions of the RAW picture of round 2019-02 (click the names to see their contributions):
Justin Pletzfeld, Carsten Schlipf, Frank Nitsch, Fili Jo, Michal Voros, Oliver Zimmermann,, Holy Noise

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