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Of course nobody could see this coming. The EU defending their interests with all means available to them instead of just rolling over and giving the UK everything it wants. I mean, what is the EU thinking?

Won't be long until the headlines in the Murdoch & Co press will scream about the unreasonable bully boy tactics EU. And mention that the UK won the war. And something about Dunkirk spirit.

Brexit deal: EU may threaten 'to block' City's access to its markets

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“WHAT HAPPENED????” How a remote tech writing gig proved to be an old-school scam | Ars Technica

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Well done, Brexiteers, well done. Approaching a trillion £ in assets, from the looks of it approaching 10,000 (probably mostly highly paid) jobs all moving to the EU. And with it the taxes paid on it.
UK bankers on standby as City readies no-deal contingency plans | Business | The Guardian
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As predicted many times: Remain voting London will suffer least, the Leave voting industrial regions will suffer most. But hey, "sovereignty" and "taking back control"....
Brexit won’t bother the City – but everyone else should worry | Nils Pratley | Business | The Guardian
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Payment of the future

Prolog: This is my first try of using the Diaspora as a blog. But I really need to share my experiences with mobile payment and modern banks with you. Like it. Or don't like it.

It is all is still an experiment. After reading it some will say, it's a privacy and data protection and anything nightmare. To be honest, finally I don't care much about it. My clear goal was to improve the way I pay in shops. Mission accomplished.

If you're a customer of N26 bank already, you'll know the story. Nevertheless I will tell you, the world and alien visitors what I went through.

All comes from chaos

Do you know the situation paying your purchases at the local groceries store? I feel usual payment methods somewhat annoying. Money: does still many people use it actually? Cards: picking a tiny card out of narrowly manufactured purses, doing something with the card and the terminal, than suddenly being asked for a pin, don't know how or where to store the card so quickly, putting purse and card and car keys somewhere at the cash desk, enter the pin, looking for your stuff and hope you'll find everything and try to bring the formerly loveless thrown away things to an useful order again.

There must be easier ways to pay in situations like this. Not actually a surprise, there are easier ways. One I've seen in Bohemia when the guy before me used a Mastercard key ring pendant. Of course, my bank does not provide such nice gimmicks. So I looked for an alternative.

How do you want to pay? With my watch, please.

Right. Watches seemed to bring salvation. But what watch would be the best? Of course first of all it needs to support NFC. Many of modern smart watches do this. I wanted an AMOLED display. Search results reduced to two. One of them requires a proprietary payment method. Dear! In times of Paypal, Google Pay and what ever who would need a third party proprietary solution? I do not. Unfortunately the only remaining smart watch is from a brand I do not love actually. But I wanted this AMOLED display. After three more hours of research I bought it.

At this point it might be helpful to know, that I really love my LG smart watch. First generation. No NFC. I will miss it painfully.

Good Bank, bad bank?

After all I will arrange with my unloved new smart watch. It has a round display, looks not as geeky as the LG, and did I mentioned I don't like the brand? Anyways, it does what it's supposed to. Easily? No, not soooo easily.

To pay with the watch I need a payment service. Google pay in that case. As an existing user of this service I couldn't imagine any difficulties about it.

"We are sorry. Your bank is not supported". WTH?! It's a bloody credit card! You already accepted it for online transactions. And at all why don't you just use my virtual Paypal card? After spending another hour in different forums and scrolled through endless help pages I came to the conclusion, that if I want to use Google pay with my smart watch I need another credit card.

The agony of choice

Supported banks by Google are Sparkasse (Pestilence), Commerzbank (Cholera) and something I never ever heard of: N26. Again I dived into the deeps of the world wide web to know something about N26. Why not giving it a try? Setting up the account was actually easy. Too easy? Before I realised what I did I ordered a new credit card. What happened next impressed me like nothing before! Remember when you set up an account at one of those traditional financial institutes? Tons of papers and signs and proofs and checks and what else. Not with N26! After filling some fields online a message appeared "Incoming video call. Please accept with your smartphone." ... Err ... O-kay?! After a few seconds one of the N26 service agents vc'ed me, asked me some questions, took a photo of me, scanned my ID card very extensively, asked more questions and after three or four minutes she hang up with the note, my new credit card is on ist way. During the whole phone call she remotely controlled the camera of my smart phone - I did not had to do anything just following her instructions where to look or when to turn the phone around. That was quite scary. But hey! It`s the 21st century?

The end of the story: I've got my new credit card only three days later. Chose my PIN. Let Google scan it. And I payed with my new smart watch today at EDEKA and Rossmann. It worked faultlessly easily without all the chaos of managing cards and purses and car keys and things.

In the end
I will start to love my new smart watch, my new bank and the era of cashless smart payment methods.

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