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Helge Meyer and the Ghost Camaro — Badass of the Week

He's not only a badass, but a true hero!
He bolted enough reinforced armor plating to his badass American muscle car that it looked like a Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max / Knight Rider fanfic crossover and then hauled ass through the landmine-riddled streets of downtown Sarajevo at 90 miles an hour delivering food to starving children while bandits and guerillas pinged AK rounds off his rear window and tried to blow his ass up with RPGs. And he did it without the explicit approval of any government agency, military, or NGO, and without ever carrying a weapon larger than a pocketknife and his own radioactive ballsack.
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Kondo Isami — Badass of the Week
“Not one of the paper screens was left intact, all of them having been smashed to pieces. The wooden boards of the ceiling were also torn apart where men who had been hiding under the floorboards were stabbed with spears from below. The tatami mats in a number of the rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, were spotted with fresh blood. Particularly pitiful were arms and feet, and pieces of facial skin with the hair still attached scattered about.”

—Nagakura Shinpachi, assistant vice commander of the Shinsengumi
Wow, absolutely badass troops and what a massacre they did. Seriously.

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Thutmose III — Badass of the Week

Really badass guy!
Instead, he left for the military, where he was raised in barracks, trained with soldiers, commanded armies, and studied hand-to-hand combat, horsemanship, archery, and the fine ancient art of surfing on chariots while 360 no-scoping motherfuckers with a composite bow.
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John Wesley Hardin — Badass of the Week
"They say I killed six or seven men for snoring. Well, it ain't true. I only killed one man for snoring."

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Top ten anime comebacks !

Olympic gold medalist Charles Jean Rigoulot was a French weightlifter, professional wrestler, race car driver, and actor. He holds over 10 world records in weightlifting and had once been held as the “strongest man in the world”. During World War II, he was imprisoned for hitting a Nazi officer, but he was able to escape from prison by bending the iron bars of his jail cell. He allegedly escaped together with other prisoners.

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download them and share them ! :)

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