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I've spent a lot of time in Tokyo over the years. I took this picture somewhere along the Arakawa tram line in Tokyo back in March 2001. I like it for a lot of reasons: the materials that are visible, the washing hanging out, the telegraph pole and the blue sky. The advertising sign completed the shot for me because of the device I was snapping with on that day (a disposable Fujifilm camera that cost ¥990). To me, the picture just says 'life' and it reminds me of everything that is new in the world, not old or decaying. Set against the seeming permanence of the sky, the concrete and brick cladding is cracked and the steel is corroding. The scene reminds me of the impermanence of things and the notion that out of the old the new is continually being generated. #newhere #photography #tokyo #japan #arakawaline
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