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#true #baby #name #warning #randomshit

#true #baby #name #warning #randomshit
@Foryouwhynot IB said,
Yeah, but at least it wasn’t very long!
@Lesley said,
I think it allows us to express ourselves in ways that we may not normally do with people we know IRL. It’s kind of freeing.
Very #True.
Also, sometimes online relationships are just better left online.Sometimes transitioning to RL can be disappointing and destroy what was good.
Yes, #shit happens. ;)
But the research side where they are trying to find and develop new drugs and therapies is not, per se, slimy.
Again, #True. It's the utilization down the stream where it becomes slimy, greedy profiteering in some cases... not all. Don't want to stroke this with the broad brush.

Bottom line to me: the U.S. health system is a shameful scam. I won't even get into my insurance company rant at this time.
... for a place to throw brickbats.
I'm all done tossing brickbats for a while. I have to go scrounge up some lunch for myself and the kitties. More brick-batting later maybe. ;)

Not being #facetious here, You make fine points in your statements above.
What you say is definitely #True, However, the fact of the matter is that BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of $$$ have been thrown at these diseases in the past half-century. Sure progress has been made in some ways, but the bureaucracy of medicine/pharmaceuticals' primary goal is not healing... it's profits. Healing is just a side-effect.
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