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Schau dir "Masks On, Social Distancing, and METAL!! CHTHONIC 2020 閃靈高雄大邁進" auf YouTube an

Badass #metal from #Taiwan

Germany found to have raised white flag for Taiwan | Taiwan News

Kudos to Tilo Young. One of the very few reporters who asks critical questions at the German government's press conferences.

#china #Taiwan #Germany
Schau dir "閃靈【台灣大凱旋】全實況 CHTHONIC TAIWAN VICTORY LIVE 2019" auf YouTube an

#Taiwan #music #metal
Why Taiwan has become a problem for WHO - BBC News

Screw those politics!
#Taiwan #china

nCoV2019 auf Twitter: "There is a Taiwan News piece circulating that is loaded to the gills with conspiracy theories. 1) Chinese military bioengineered virus (FALSE) 2) US bioengineered virus (FALSE) 3) HIV protein debunked preprint that was withdrawn (FALSE) Please don't amplify by tweeting link." / Twitter

#coronovarius #taiwan
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