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This scam is a new one to me, haven't had that one before:
Your reputation and business are at stake! 

We on your behalf in the message your website address EXAMPLE.COM and your contact information (including in social. Networks and messengers) will send: 

+ on 15,897,318 sites, threats with insults to site owners, US residents, Europeans, LGBT and BLM. 

+ 790,000 messages to bloggers with threats and insults 

+ 2 367 896 public figures and politicians (from the USA and Europe) with threats and insults 

+ 70,000 negative reviews about you and your website EXAMPLE.COM 

+ 23 467 849 contact forms of sites with threats and insults 

+ 150,000 emails messages to people with disabilities with threats and insults, many of them will definitely sue you 

+ 57000 emails of messages to veterans with threats and insults, FOR THIS YOU WILL BE EXACTLY SITTED 

Following from all of the above, you will get a lot of losses: 

+ an abuse from spam house, amazon and many webmasters (for spam, insults and threats) will come to your site EXAMPLE.COM, as a result, your domain will be banned and blacklisted 

+ people will sue you because you threatened and humiliated them 

+ in court you will not prove anything, everything will look as if you did it all, MOST YOU WILL GO TO PRISON 

+ internet will be inundated with negative reviews about you and your website EXAMPLE.COM 

+ threats and reprisals from BLM and LGBT community members, in fact, these are dangerous community guys 

Total: you will lose your business, all your money, you will spend on lawyers and compensation for court decisions, you will go to jail, your life will turn to hell ... 

We already have everything ready to launch all of the above, but we decided to give you a chance to avoid all this, you can buy off a small amount of money. 

Make a payment, transfer 0.39 Bitcoins to this address 


We are waiting for the transfer from you until November 27, on Saturday November 28, if payment does not come from you, we will begin to destroy your business and you along with it.

I wonder how many will pay up (but I'm too lazy to check).

(and yes, GMail sent it straight to my spam folder)

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FBI informant provides a glimpse into the inner workings of tech support scams | ZDNet

All organized and distributed.

E-Mail Rechnung von United Hosting Deutschland​ zu Domainregistrierung

Mein Vater hat diese Fake-Rechnung auch bekommen
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Fake-Rechnung „Domainregistrierung“ von United Hosting Deutschland – nicht bezahlen!

I stumbled across a huge Airbnb scam that’s taking over London | WIRED UK

TL;DR: You make a contract with landlords for a house, kick out all tenants and offer it as airbnb flats. Short term rental. Profit.

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I am rich! I am receiving $25 Mio from Mrs Melanie Trump! Lol

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Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria? - Microsoft Research

That's very fascinating
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Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?
[Blog]Gambia-Scam #Gambia #Scam #Warnung
How one romance scammer built an international phishing operation | ZDNet


“WHAT HAPPENED????” How a remote tech writing gig proved to be an old-school scam | Ars Technica

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Are the scammers and blackmailers moving on or has this been around for longer? The last few days I've had several of the comment quoted below on all of my blogs (referencing the relevant domains). A quick search on Google indicates quite a few others (who don't seem to have a spam filter catching it) had it as well. Obviously a scam, but I expect some recipients, in particular small businesses, will fall for it and pay up.
Hey. Soon your hosting account and your domain will be blocked forever, and you will receive tens of thousands of negative feedback from angry people.

Pay me 0.5 BTC until June 1, 2019.
Otherwise, you will get the reputation of a malicious spammer, your site will be blocked for life and you will be sued for insulting believers. I guarantee this to you.

My bitcoin wallet: 19ckouUP2E22aJR5BPFdf7jP2oNXR3bezL

Here is a list of what you get if you don’t follow my requirements:
+ abuse spamhouse for aggressive web spam
+ tens of thousands of negative reviews about you and your website from angry people for aggressive web and email spam
+ lifetime blocking of your hosting account for aggressive web and email spam
+ lifetime blocking of your domain for aggressive web and email spam
+ Thousands of angry complaints from angry people will come to your mail and messengers for sending you a lot of spam
+ complete destruction of your reputation and loss of clients forever
+ for a full recovery from the damage you need tens of thousands of dollars

All of the above will result in blocking your domain and hosting account for life. The price of your peace of mind is 0.5 BTC.

Do you want this?

If you do not want the above problems, then before June 1, 2019, you need to send me 0.5 BTC to my Bitcoin wallet: 19ckouUP2E22aJR5BPFdf7jP2oNXR3bezL

How do I do all this to get this result:
1. I will send messages to 33 000 000 sites with contact forms with offensive messages with the address of your site, that is, in this situation, you and the spammer and insult people.
And everyone will not care that it is not you.
2. I’ll send messages to 19,000,000 email addresses and very intrusive advertisements for making money and offer a free iPhone with your website address and your contact details.
And then send out abusive messages with the address of your site.
3. I will do aggressive spam on blogs, forums and other sites (in my database there are 35 978 370 sites and 315 900 sites from which you will definitely get a huge amount of abuse) of your site
After such spam, the spamhouse will turn its attention on you and after several abuses your host will be forced to block your account for life.
Your domain registrar will also block your domain permanently.

All of the above will result in blocking your domain and hosting account for life.
If you do not want to receive thousands of complaints from users and your hosting provider, then pay before June 1, 2019.
The price of your peace of mind is 0.5 BTC.
Otherwise, I will send your site through tens of millions of sites that will lead to the blocking of your site for life and you will lose everything and your reputation as well.
But get a reputation as a malicious spammer.

My bitcoin wallet: 19ckouUP2E22aJR5BPFdf7jP2oNXR3bezL
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Ironically, Phishing Kit Hosted on Nigerian Government Site

@Alicia S The #Nigerian Prince!

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Conmen made €8m by impersonating French minister - Israeli police | World news | The Guardian


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