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Der Postillon am 16.4.2019:
Spiegel Online am 24.4.2019:

Postillon Leser wissen es früher! #NotreDame #DE
Das war übrigens auch mein erster Gednake als ich das gestern gelesen habe. Moment mal, das war doch zuerst im Postillon

Riesenspenden für Notre Dame: Wofür spenden Menschen am ehesten? | MDR.DE

Ganz interessanter Einblick in die Frage: Wofür spenden die Menschen?

#NotreDame #Spenden

Nach Brand in Notre-Dame: Ubisoft verschenkt Assassin’s Creed Unity | heise online

#NotreDame #Ubisoft
Finds schon bisschen peinlich dass Leute jetzt echt Geld spenden damit eine der reichsten Organisationen der Welt ihre Filiale in Paris wiederaufbauen kann.

“I remembered once, in Japan, having been to see the Gold Pavilion Temple in Kyoto and being mildly surprised at quite how well it had weathered the passage of time since it was first built in the fourteenth century. I was told it hadn’t weathered well at all, and had in fact been burnt to the ground twice in this century. “So it isn’t the original building?” I had asked my Japanese guide.
“-But yes, of course it is,” he insisted, rather surprised at my question.
“But it’s burnt down?”
“-Many times.”
“And rebuilt.”
“-Of course. It is an important and historic building.”
“With completely new materials.”
“-But of course. It was burnt down.”
“So how can it be the same building?”
“-It is always the same building.”

I had to admit to myself that this was in fact a perfectly rational point of view, it merely started from an unexpected premise. The idea of the building, the intention of it, its design, are all immutable and are the essence of the building. The intention of the original builders is what survives. The wood of which the design is constructed decays and is replaced when necessary. To be overly concerned with the original materials, which are merely sentimental souvenirs of the past, is to fail to see the living building itself.”

– Douglas Adams, Last Chance to See

Dark Humor : How the Notre Dame Fire Started!

#paris #DarkHumor #NotreDame #France #Cartoon
While it's sad that NotreDame is/was on fire, its incredible how fast the people are updating the Wiki article:
Gregg Favre auf Twitter: „After my last tweet, I got a couple DMs asking firefighting related questions about the #NotreDameFire. I -like most of you- are watching from a world away. But if you’re interested in some profession specific things I’d note/be concerned of, you can follow this thread.“ / Twitter

#NotreDameDeParis #NotreDame #fire #Paris
Sécurité Civile Fr auf Twitter: „#NotreDame @PompiersParis Le largage d'eau par avion sur ce type d'édifice pourrait en effet entraîner l'effondrement de l'intégralité de la structure. Aux côtés des #sapeurspompiers qui font actuellement le maximum pour sauver #NotreDame.“ / Twitter

For #Trump you can't drop water from air on the scene, the whole walls would collapse from the weight.
#NotreDameDeParis #NotreDame #fire #Paris

Notre Dame steht in Flammen

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