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please charlie ..
every "movement" has all kinds of people in it we all know that.

this is the age of the mob, shitstorms, Pranger and lynching, nothing paticular of #metoo

empowering people to speak their mind creates all kind of waves and apparently all kind of excesses

see it as an evolutionary step on a path not a single event

my son's exgirlfriend was abused when she was 7 by a neighbor she adored, the actual feminist movement empowerd her to speak her mind. that pathed the way so her older sister managed to comment the abuse she sufferd by their step father
now that exgirlfriend is like the scene on the pic here in toxic macho latinamerica, with me sitting next to her at the barbecue smilling and supporting her with "well done!" comments after the machos have left battered like a beaten dog

.. it's evolution baby ..
And millions of his supporters and "incels" will believe him. And repeat this nonsense. And he will have achieved his goal.

#Trump #metoo #lies #beautiful #women #woman #DonaldTrump #whathastheworldcometo?

#MeToo-Bewegung: Frauen haben es jetzt noch schwerer |

"Fast die Hälfte der Männer sagte, sie hätten Angst vor unfairen und falschen Anschuldigungen. Und als wir sie gefragt haben, ob sie deshalb lieber keine Frauen mehr einstellen würden, hat ein Viertel 'Ja' gesagt."
Das liegt auch daran, dass unter dem hashtag diverse Sachen vermischt worden sind und sicherlich die ein oder andere Unsicherheit erzeugen. Aber normalerweise sollte sich für 90% nichts ändern, es sei denn man war vorher schon ein Arschlocj
Thank you, Cass M :).

I am new to this conversation which is clearly been going on for months.

But my understanding from this thread is that one person forwarded to the mods many examples of the person in question's bad behavior other places, and the mods response was. 'Let's see what he does here.' Then he did bad stuff here, and they went through a multiple-step process of temporarily suspending him, letting him back on to give him another chance, suspending him again, etc. And are now working towards a real ban. I've also seen no mention of how they handle people having duplicate accounts.

If I have got any or all of this wrong, I apologize!

And again, I deeply sympathize with the desire to give people multiple chances and the opportunity for a fresh start. But maybe we can learn something from #metoo?
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