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I doubt both. Johnson won't say a word and it won't be the end of the conservatives. At least not as long as Labour and Libdem are as useless as they are now.

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So Boris Johnson gets the election he so desperately wanted. And by doing that he actually throws the Remainers a lifeline. Many think the Tories will easily win this election. While it is possible that he wins it I think there's still a good chance that he'll rue the decision to go after an election instead of sitting it out and somehow pushing through his WA. He was quite close. Now if the Remainers get their act together and Boris Johnson messes up a few times (plenty of opportunities for him to do that) there could very well be another hung parliament (among other reasons because there's a good chance the old two party system is dead). There could even be "grand coalition" of Labour, LibDems and SNP as almost certainly nobody will enter a coalition with the Tories if they don't get a majority.

This could get very interesting. And very very nasty.

Election 2019: Remainers have one last chance

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