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komm wir kotzen einfach mal nen Twitter-Link raus.. #Hashtag dazu, fertig.
Hi there, also on #Matrix.

First advice: you need people to follow, there is no real "public" stream of information, just scattered data all over the place. If you have your own pod you have basically zero public posts, only what you personally follow. So if you want to have "public posts" (and meaningful #hashtag search) you have to follow lots of people just to pull their posts into your pod. I have a "just pulling them into the pod" "circle" to add basically everyone into (who seem worthy).

If you do not care about public then gather people with good info source. I usually start by adding anyone, then adding people who make good comments, then drop the people getting annyoing. ;-)

D* is very different from other networks, a bit... weird.
What #hashtag should I use if I have a question about Diaspora? I posted a question using "#question" already.
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