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Nice! Fedilab (formerly known as Mastalab) does now have support for GNU Social and Friendica too. Looks promising...

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I published the release 1.75.0

What's new :

- Groups for #GNUSocial
- Conversation threads for #Friendica & GNU Social
- Change Peertube video format from other social networks
- Counters are clickable for reblog/fav to handle the click easily
- Toot button changed for Pleroma/GNU/Friendica
- Improvement of the custom share feature


- Media not working with GNU and Friendica
- Usernames & names reversed for GNU & Friendica

Hey Friendica users!

The android app Fedilab now supports Friendica accounts:

It's available from F-Droid and Google Play, links on the official site.

You can follow Fedilab on the ActivityPub Fediverse at

Fedilab also supports Mastodon, Pleroma and PeerTube accounts. You can manage many accounts at once from the same app.

#Friendica #Fedilab #Fediverse
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