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This is a great article I think, even though I think the headline is slightly misleading. While to a very large extent about Cummings and how he massively failed to deliver his vision (parts of which I actually agree with, although obviously not all of it) it also covers the general question about how governments deal (or should deal) with data-driven government and related issues. It's something that needs addressing, even though Cummings failed miserably.

How Dominic Cummings wasted the greatest opportunity of his life

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I thought the country voted to take back control from the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, not an unelected fiancé to take back control from the architects of Brexit?

Carrie Symonds takes back control from Dominic Cummings and ‘mad mullahs’ of Brexit

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A couple of days ago I wrote " I suspect a large chunk of the 82% who don’t self-isolate simply can’t afford to. They don’t have the money and job security to self isolate, so they go to work anyway."

This article covers that issue: The pitched battle over lockdowns is missing the point: Covid-19 is a class issue
This is a good riposte to the oft-heard suggestion that most people who fail to follow the rules are degenerate “Covidiots”, and further proof that in a society as insecure as ours, trying to stringently control anything – let alone a highly infectious disease – will tend to be very difficult indeed. According to research done at King’s College London, only 18% of people self-isolate after developing symptoms, and only 11% quarantine after being told by the government’s test and trace system that they have been in contact with a confirmed case. Among the factors the study associates with non-compliance are “lower socio-economic grade”, and “greater hardship during the pandemic”. A lot of people, it seems, would like to do what they are told, but simply can’t.

This is the basic point the government does not seem to have grasped – painfully highlighted by Johnson’s claim that infections increased because the public became “complacent”. Threatening people with fines of up to £10,000 if they fail to self-isolate – and, we now learn, passing their details to the police – is an example of the same cast of mind, less likely to persuade people in precarious circumstances to follow the rules than to keep their distance from the authorities. The fact that some people on very low incomes are finally eligible for a lump sum of £500 to cover a fortnight’s quarantine will not solve what is obviously a massive problem; in terms of basic practicalities, it is of a piece with Rishi Sunak’s plan to pay only two-thirds of lost wages to people affected by local restrictions.
How do you self-isolate if you live in a cramped multi-generational house with one kitchen and one bathroom/toilet, possibly even sharing a bedroom? How do you self-isolate if you live in shared accommodation, again with a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom, while struggling to hold down a job to pay the extortionate rent?

Decades of failed policies are now coming back to haunt us. Broken housing and overcrowding isn't something you can quickly solve in a few months or even weeks.

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I haven't fact checked this, but it sounds very plausible. I suspect a large chunk of the 82% who don't self-isolate simply can't afford to. They don't have the money and job security to self isolate, so they go to work anyway. And another good chunk just follow what plenty of people in power have done (Cummings anyone?) and think if the people in power can get away with it, so can I. Until these two things are addressed/fixed I don't really see this improving. And lockdowns won't have much of an impact on this, quite possibly the contrary.

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Not entirely sure what to think of this analysis. And if he's right where it is going to lead us.

I used to think Boris Johnson could get a Brexit deal. Not after last week | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian

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Some great writing from Marina again, expressing wonderfully something I was thinking about today:

Dominic Cummings said MPs (in particular on the Remain side) shouldn't be surprised people are angry with them and threaten them because they didn't deliver Brexit after promising that they would honour the result of the referendum. I think what he overlooks is that the Leave campaign also promised a bright and fantastic and beautiful future with no downsides, only upsides. Now let's assume Brexit happens, you deliver Brexit, but it doesn't turn out that great after all. None of the problems you promised it would solve are solved. In worst case there are lots of job losses, all kinds of shortages and possibly even people dying because of Brexit. That will all be on you. You didn't deliver what you promised. You didn't keep your promises. It will all be on you. People will be angry with you. Very angry. Especially if they see that you don't suffer or have even gained from Brexit while they suffer. Good luck with the angry mob that will be baying for you.

Tory MPs beware: if you whip up an angry mob, they may end up angry with you | Marina Hyde | Opinion | The Guardian

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Oh, come on, won't hurt him one bit. His supporters will just dismiss it with something along the lines of "it's only our money we're getting back". That's their argument for any money the UK gets back from the EU, "it's our money anyway, at least once we're out of the EU we can decide ourselves where it goes". That it will then disappear in some big Westminster budget and the poorer communities who currently most benefit of EU money won't get anything is beyond them. We need to do better than "look, a Brexiteer is benefiting from EU money". It doesn't work.

Brexit enforcer Cummings’ farm took €235,000 in EU handouts | Politics | The Guardian

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Let's hope he's right and the end of Dominic Cummings is nigh.

Dominic Cummings, the latest self-appointed genius to run 10 Downing Street, is the most deluded of them all

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