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Please don't ignore the methods of propaganda!
Greta Thunberg is the propagandist of geophysical warfare!

I think everyone now agrees that the fake nurse who sold the attack on Iraq in front of the UN lied and knowingly participated in a major humanitarian crime that killed at least a million Iraqis and the Middle East was transformed into a war zone.

It should not be ignored that Iraq has marched to Kuwait with a clear justification, namely the demonstrable assumption that Iraqi oil-gas reserves have been stolen from Kuwait by horizontal drilling and fracking.

The crime which Greta Thunberg sells to the world public is not limited to one country or region, but affects the entire earth.

Greta Thunberg is the ambassador of geophysical warfare and the global robbery of resources previously called "free goods". The predatory, murderous power behind Greta Thunberg is empowered by the sunlight, water cycle, carbon cycle, global air, soil and subsoil.

This criminal empire uses geoengineering, starting in orbit, the ionosphere, the lower stratosphere (ozone layer), tropopause, troposphere, the soil, the ground and the underground.

It is irrelevant whether Greta Thunberg is educated and intelligent enough to knowingly participate or was just brainwashed effectively.

Please read the following articles first and then judge once again about Greta Thunberg!

How the Geoengineering Scam Began: Turning Geophysical Warfare Into “Environmental Protection”

1960, #CIA Memorandum on #ClimateControl!
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