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House of Commons speaker John Bercow refuses third vote on Brexit Deal

(I guess that he is sick of all the dis-orda in the House, which is the reason why he had to cut it all out. Frankly, I am thankful for this decision - they were in no way ready to ever find a meaningful and final decision if they weren't told to stop. The constructive face in this mess had long ended, it was a dying carcass that didn't want to accept its demise.)
Downing Street was blindsided by the announcement and unable to give a response at its regular afternoon briefing for journalists. “The speaker did not forewarn us of the content of his statement or the fact that he was making one,” May’s spokeswoman said.

“The Leader of the House is playing with her electronic device, and so is the deputy chief whip. I didn’t include him in the category of very senior people in the House but that’s a debatable proposition I readily grant.”
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