I’m getting back into some yoga. This is the Downward Cat.

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It does require some deep breathing @tomgrz. ;-)
Eww, was it some animal around her neck @Michael Fenichel? Not a fan of fur things. I’m a faux fur girl. If we get started in swapping ex stories, we’ll lose our Om. ;-)
Muse diaspora
I was once in the US visiting my family, before travelling to London and Stuttgart to visit the spouse's family. Predictions were for extra cold in Europe, so I went to a Sears and quickly picked up a fuzzy warm hat with earflaps.

When in London a woman behind me asked with a rising voice, "Is that a fur hat?"

I turned saying, "Nah! This is much too cheap to be real fur. Pretty easy to see the fluff is acrylic."

Just as I caught sight of her, I noticed she was smuggling a spray paint can back into her handbag. "It had better be!" she said.

I think I was saved a spray painting by a PETA supporter!
@Katherine Bond Not a fan of fashion fur either. No, she wore a fox that she probably strangled herself. From northern Spain.... hunter/warriors.
tomgrz diaspora
I use road-kill furs.
LOL @Michael Fenichel “she probably strangled herself”

Thanks. I needed that. 🤣
Woah @Muse. Don’t like fur, but also think spray painting people is thoroughly uncivilized.
Very environmental, recycling of you @tomgrz :)
Muse diaspora
@Katherine BondA bit surprising at the time, but I found it hilarious later on! Not big into real fur myself. But bright silly fake acrylic fur is a fun way to warm up! I feel like a Muppet! (the good kind)
tomgrz diaspora
I like goose down, but they keep getting away.
tomgrz diaspora
My dear dad used to say: “the price of down today is up”. A bit of Polish humor there.
Me too @Muse. I like feeling like a muppet or Nanook of the North. ;-)
;-) Like your dad’s humor @tomgrz
I have lots of geese living around me in the ponds, but they’re tougher than I am. I have to buy my down coats, sometimes the only thing that keeps me alive in winter.
tomgrz diaspora
But how do you keep them down? ;-)
@Katherine Bond Nanook or the fur trader? I feel an awful lot like I have had yellow snow rubbed into my beady little eyes. With a circular motion...
They keep my spirits UP in winter @tomgrz ;-)
Allergies @UnclePirate (Stan McCann)? The allergens are through the roof here and it’s in the 90s. Ugh
Yeah, I'm having sinus difficulties. I had an awful headache a few nights ago. High pressure systems.
When heat and allergens and high pressure come together 🤯 @UnclePirate (Stan McCann)
Pollen. I don't have to be allergic, just my sinuses full on my left side. Poor drainage.
tomgrz diaspora
Zantak the Magnificent has the Cure!
No. St. Alfonso has the cure. Or so says the ancient legend written on whatever it is that they write it on up there.
tomgrz diaspora
Pancakes with real maple syrup can cure anything.
It is all your fault @Katherine Bond. You just had to mention Nanook.

Did you know that was one of Frank's least favorite? He refused to play it when I saw him in concert. Despite many calls for it.
tomgrz diaspora
Hmmm, maybe tired of it? Not only are the lyrics hilarious, but the musical score is interesting also.
tomgrz diaspora
"All day and all night and all after-noooon" ;-)
I think the heat has gotten to you @tomgrz and @UnclePirate (Stan McCann). Lol

We need some silliness.
It's not the heat @Katherine Bond. It's a cool 102F today.
In my book, that’s major heat @UnclePirate (Stan McCann). I’m already looking forward to autumn.
It's a nice day being partly cloudy even though it reached 106. 😈
@Katherine Bond Cats always have the answer but not going to try it (())
I don’t think my body bends in that direction any more @Shonie Hutter. At one time, it did, but now... xx