Air & Space Museum

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I think I see it.
Muse diaspora
It's chock full. No room for visitors.
I see what you did there...
Those are the light refreshments, @Alistair McHarg
If it's clean and "undeveloped", this exhibit may be the last place to find either! ;)
@Gizmo The Sane Like the one is Washington, it was designed by I.M. Pei, You M. Pei.
John Cage's 4'33'' is playing in the background.
Muse diaspora
You are right @Trocatintas! And now I'm going to have that earworm in my head all day! XD
LOL!!! I've even heard it played on a harp, @Trocatintas! In the middle, the performer touched a string.
"@^@%! I ruined it!" She said...