So here's an interesting question I got posed by someone with very bad dyslexia
  • What decent games are there (Windows/Linux/Android whatever) that are good and story based but can sensibly read you everything (including options) and preferably have very clear iconography for control options
And it's an interesting point because whilst you can use the desktop screenreading for general work (and increasingly voice dictation) the gaming world still seems to believe that if you can't read you are blind.

#gaming #accessibility
“Machinarium” and “journey of a roach” are point an click adventures without text. They only use iconography for the story
Aurin diaspora
@(((Matze D.))) Oh, yes, Machinarium! Good idea.
@(((Matze D.))) I will pass that on - thanks
I was thinking about "Full Throttle", "Broken Age" or Day of the Tentacle - not sure about them, but there were some where actions are shown as icons and everything is point and click anyway. With spoken dialogs anyway.
Ori and the Blind Forest
Quern - Undying Thoughts