re:about despora

During the past weeks there where questions arising for me regarding the future of the pod. As my life circumstances changed very much - short: from a it job in a german city to a abandoned farm in the swedish forests - I'm not spending so much time on the computer anymore, which brings up the question for me if I'm capable of supporting the pod adequatly. For example: I'm not reading (it) news anymore, so also not becoming aware of security releases so fast.
The project is still very important for me and I would love to continue, but also my financial situation is very narrow now and so the server costs actually had impact on the filling level of my fridge some months. I'm totally okay with making sacrifices, but it brought me to question the hole situation currently.

Be sure I'm not shutting down before everyone can savely migrate away to another pod. The migration feature is on the way I heard.

Please share your opinions, ideas, wishes and thoughts on the future of the pod with me.

Hi, nice to warn your users (not all #podmin make it that transparent)

If any #despora user need a new place on a pod
in #EU or more precise in #germany

--> will welcome you !!!!!
Good to know Frank, discussion/brainstorming about future on despota already started, let's see.
The migration tool will be available in the future, so it will be more comfortable to migrate to another pod.

I' currently looking for a solution to not close down and I really hope their is one coming up.
I can imaginge a bigger team would help out tremendously, maybe also another admin? Keep brainstorming :)