Human feeds bear glazed donuts and stuff. Bear likes donuts and becomes part of the small town.
Some humans in town are afraid....their first great idea and solution?? Kill the bear of course!!

#HumanStupidity #WTF

After Walking Thousands Of Miles, Mink The Bear Is Almost Back Home
Now I'm living near a small forest, may be having more time to look around I see there is an echo system. I had lizard which climbed up to my balcony and a few days after I saw a kitten in the garden trying to eat it. I am sure bears are also a part of ecologic system over there. Why don't they try to feed them somewhere else? Because animals come to humans for food...
Yeah. I thought they could provide food for him in the woods
Bear didn't need to be moved and didn't need to be killed. Americans are idiots about bears. The bear involved obviously has trouble foraging for some reason (possibly bad teeth since its elderly, or lack of nearby sources due to damaged habitat, such as reduced fish and other food sources). Would i kill them to simply feed the bear?

Bears can and have lived beside humans peacefully before. They only become aggressive to humans if they feel threatened, their den is invaded, or their offspring are threatened. Dogs are 6 times more likely to attack or kill someone than a bear.