Hello everyone ! In a few weeks I will go to Berlin with my gf. Do you have good places to advise ? We are both anarchist activists, we love art (I often post graffiti here) and party. First time in Berlin for both of us. Thanks !

Hallo allerseits! In ein paar Wochen werde ich mit meiner Freundin nach Berlin fahren. Haben Sie gute Tipps? Wir sind beide anarchistische Aktivisten, wir lieben Kunst (ich poste oft Graffiti hier) und feiern. Zum ersten Mal in Berlin für uns beide. Danke !

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Okay, let's try again. I'm sure some of my followers can help you
Stressfaktor is the best website to find cool activities in Berlin :)
@Chiwy M.F.T. there is an english version ? I'm not german fluent :(
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Depends on when you go, there's a big festival near berlin.
@Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People Not the most of the information its in german, but meybe some activities are in english too,

Here are all the activities day by day:

And here are a lot of addresses of autonomous places:

Mi german is also not so gut some times, and I use this web site to translate:
we love art
Pergamon Museum is a must!
@Schmuddl OH MY GOD ! :O we will definitely try to go at this festival ! ATR, what we feel, non servium omg ! thanks ! <3
there is a lot of famouse streetart in xberg, send pm
@Daily Anarchist Meme For Cool People - the article is quite poor.
20 years ago, I was standing behind a Doryphoros, anal(!)yzing almost 20 minutes his butt - only for archaeological reasons :-)
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Ich kann das Anne Frank Zentrum empfehlen, das ist super gemacht. Sonst für einen Getränk zB in die C-Base. Ansonsten halt east side gallery. Aber ich bin selbst nicht da, die Sachen find ich aber ganz cool und könnten gut passen.
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Ah noch eins, Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen. Zumindest wenn euch eure gute Laune nicht so viel wert ist ;)

I think, it might be a good idea, to visit the Urban Nation - a museum for urban contemporary art: Urban Nation. Also a good idea: Get yourself a tourist bus ticket for the Hop on-Hop off-buses. You pay once and can use them the whole day.

You could visit the East Side Gallery, an open air grafitti-gallery on a part of the Berlin wall. It's open air and free.

Also a very interesting museum: Visit the Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité. Have breakfast before, afterwards you won't be able to eat anything for a while. Near this museum you can have a drink directly at the Spree at the Capital Beach Café.

A "must have been"-place is the Kurfürstendamm (or, as everyone calls it: The Ku'Damm, spoken Koodamm). Just go there and have a walk. When you haven't been to Ku'Damm, you haven't been to Berlin.
you should visit the Köpi:
and take a stroll in the Rigaer Straße (openstreetmap)

There you will find some interesting places and lots of people, who will be happy to show fellow anarchists around.
Oh, and the community garden on the Tempelhofer Feld an anarchist gardening project.
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Go to if theres an event.
Depending on your understanding of art :)
I suggest you to visit Turkey too, I'm sure you will fine more..
If you like techno and want to party try "Mensch Meier" and "about:blank", they are pro-left =]
Wow thanks a lot every one ! <3
when I'm in Berlin in summer, I'm always happy to have a little break from the big city in the "Prinzessinnengärten" a really great place in the middle of Kreuzberg
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+1 for anna
near by the admiralbrücke, there is an anacho-pizzeria, xberg, friendly place.