Funny thing.... I was at saturn, some bigger german electronics market... We looked for a new laptop for a friend.. While standing with some clerk on the computer to find the best offer for him, i spotted this gem.

#GIMP #version #2.10, in box, with #printed #manual (!), for 14,99€

At first .. i didn't really understand what the offer should be for a opensource app for more than ten bucks..

But then i learned that it included a printed manual (which explained the weight of the somewhat compact package;)).

After looking around, i spotted a bunch of comparable offers of open source software, most probably all of them including some sort of printed manual at least.

To be honest, i'm not the biggest friend of selling open source software (including only a windows binary on this one).

But ... yes i can respect that they put in the effort to distill a ready to install storage medium and a printed manual of some sort.

I don't know about the quality of the handbook itself ... and i expect that most of the content printed in there is open available documentation anyways.

But yes....

In the end .. i like it.. To see #GIMP .. as a commercially available software.... within reasonable borders..... ;)

#open #source #opensource #libre #software #windows
Open Office brand name is still strong.
@Emmanuel Florac I see...

Mkay, well at least in my reach of influence, everyone who previously used openoffice already switched over to libreoffice..

(Sadly, many of them still need actual microsoft office .. mhmm.. ;))
I thought one of those was no longer being developed?
My laptop has LibreOffice as it came with Mint, but I don't do much "office" work on it.
@Samuel Smith Yeah, i really use libreoffice and gimp from time to time .. along with shutter, chromium, telegram desktop and such.... ;)