:: 43-050 [Collab]The xSTP ::

Collab chibi art with [PeachyProtist] on dA! We got this pose idea from an MBTI meme somewhere, not sure anymore because it was left untouched for so long before it was finished. x'D

The one with arms spread is their OC, Sven (an ESTP) and the one holding the bike is my OC, Vic (an ISTP) doing daredevil stunts, hahaha~ Probably just done chugging down Monster energy drink.

I only did a little bit, just Vic and the bike. u_u Peachy the Pro did the rest.
I used Krita, they used MediBang.

Originally from my Eclipse post [here].

#art #mywork #illustration #deviantart #chibi #originalcharacter #mbti #istp #estp
Illustration and character(s) by Early Onion and Peachy Protist.
★ If sharing/reposting, please credit me and link back to my dA page/post. Please do not use, edit, copy, trace, plagiarise, steal, and/or commercialise my work and/or characters in any way without my permission. Thank you.