A special Christmas message to all my Fediverse friends

#merrychristmas #fediverse #pluspora #gplusrefugee #3d #animation #gif #mywork
Yeah! He's alive and hopefulyl not peeing
@Christoph S.. Dot has to prod me sometimes to make sure I am alive
Ditje diaspora
Don`t get pissed this chrismas :)
@Ditje Now that is asking the impossible
Easy now, Dave - Don't worry, pee happy ! 😁
@🐾 Team Sintti 🐾...I will just try to pee myself
Reminds me of President Nixon saying to Bob Hope: "Vice President Agnew has one of his balls for you".
This was referring to a Christmas tree ornament. I can't find the video of this.
@Craig Long...Hello Craig, it's nice talking to you on Twitter but it winds me so much trying to follow a thread. It's a shame that Kathy does not use this platform.
I have just had to check that our Hotpoint Washing machine was not in danger of exploding, we were lucky enough to have one of the good ones. I drew up a few CAD washing machines when working so I can feel an animation coming on.
@Dave Sutton How can a washing machine catch fire? The clothes are under water and the machine is made of metal.
I wish Kathy would come here also.
@Craig Long Its the plastic components. Their tumble driers have been an even bigger problem