Irish Farmers Lose Their Sheep, Mad Accent - YouTube

The accent is totally crazy. I don't get a single glimpse of what he is saying.

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It's not really that hard to pick out the basics of what he was saying. He mumbles a bit on top of the accent which may be whats making it hard for you to pick up.

He thinks someone is stealing them in the night, that it isn't hard, probably thru a rope on them brought them down to the road and had someone put them on a lorry and drive off.

Had an Irish friend around for a few years before she went to follow her dreams on the other coast... she used to tell stories about the different accents and the problems she had with teachers while studying in Ireland.
I am only getting a few words... but then again, it's not my native language. The neighbor that is interviewed later can be understood much better, so I think it is not just the accent, but really more the first guys mumbling that makes it so hard.
I have visited Ireland some years ago and met quite a few people whose accents were giving me a very hard time...