byron diaspora
hey guys, I'm trying to find my place here but i don't have many friends to follow yet ... any tips or tricks on how to use pluspora?

and since I'm here ... anyone want to get painted?
How cool!! Oh, and paint me!!! :)
Whoa, freaking cool! Welcome!! I've just posted a bunch of bologna that might help you getting started!
any tips or tricks on how to use pluspora?
Follow a lot of tags to get started. Keep adding interesting ones you stumble upon, also add people who you like. Don't forget to generously supply your own posts with relevant tags. Your own creations should go with #mywork #mypainting tags as these draw attention and people always appreciate original content more.

Have fun :)
I think one of the most important thing is to make original posts, don't just endless report other people's stuff if you want people to follow you and have conversations.

As has been said, tags, and variations on tags. #gplus and #gplusrefugee for example

Also, check out interesting people in comments.

Also also, post publicly if you want to be found