German police stumble upon huge stockpile of chemicals during routine call out - The Local

in April police and fire fighters stumbled about a warehouse full of dangerous chemical stuff.
It has now been confirmed that it was a drug laboratory for synthetic drugs, probably speed.
There are also some evidences that it was operated by Dutch people
Further inspection revealed that 35,000 litres of sulphuric acid, caustic soda and phosphoric acid were being illegally held in huge 1,000-litre barrels at the the 650-square metre unit. Some 50 propane bottles were also found at the site.
Here are some photos from inside the location:

@Martha McDougall @Jacob Clayton This is around 80km from where I live. One of the biggest drug labs found in Germany.
@Andrea Borgia @New World Order Ltd. - Zweigbüro Lissabon

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Alles in Ordnung? :P
@Andrea Borgia Verdammt ;) Jetzt muss ich mich um einen neuen Standort bemühen :-P
Wow that's huge! So close to your home too!
Holy shit, @Christoph S!!!! Have you seen the Breaking Bad TV series? I thought they may have exaggerated some of the storytelling but now I'm thinking not so much! O M G
I have not yet seen it, but a friend gave it to me. Yeah I was also baffled at the amount of stuff found there.
@Christoph S When you watch it you'll see what this is strikingly familiar! It's unbelievable what goes on around us. There was a recent story in the states about a gazillion (not really) but a whole shitload of guns in an extremely posh neighborhood that the government raided. WTF. This is why I like dogs.
@Jacob Clayton A great reason to like dogs instead of some people! Of course we don’t have to look for reasons to like dogs.#dogs