Too much money to be made treating cancer to actually cure it.

same with diabetes...
Love term DIC. I’ll be using that.
HA! Yeah, it was appropriate.
same with diabetes…
And many other afflictions, I'm afraid. :(
Enough with the "too much money in treating to cure" argle-bargle.

"Cancer" is such a varied collection of things that "curing cancer" is a silly term. There are dozens -- more likely hundreds -- of terms that substitute for "cancer". And for some, there is a cure. For others, prevention. And given the nature of cancer as a class of diseases, many are not susceptible to being "cured", but merely "put into remission".

Diabetes is also not a unitary disease. Nor is there yet any reliable "cure" for type I. Are people looking for a cure? You betcha., it's really tiresome to see the "they are just in it for the money" flag being waved indiscriminately.

Please be a lot more precise with your indictments. Because there are specific targets worthy of it.
What you say is definitely #True, However, the fact of the matter is that BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of $$$ have been thrown at these diseases in the past half-century. Sure progress has been made in some ways, but the bureaucracy of medicine/pharmaceuticals' primary goal is not healing... it's profits. Healing is just a side-effect.
Yep. Billions and billions of dollars, in a process where 90% of everything you try fails utterly. Look at Alzheimers. Tons and tons of earnest seemingly well-considered paths. Bupkis. Absolute bupkis, so far. Even a treatment that slows the course of the disease would be an improvement over what we have none of today.

If you want to rail about profiteering, there is plenty of material. But blanket statements like that are overly broad generalizations.

Look at epinephrine auto-injectors, for example, for a place to throw brickbats.

But the research side where they are trying to find and develop new drugs and therapies is not, per se, slimy.

And, of course profit is a consideration. But to call healing just a "side-effect" is quite the unwarranted calumny.
But the research side where they are trying to find and develop new drugs and therapies is not, per se, slimy.
Again, #True. It's the utilization down the stream where it becomes slimy, greedy profiteering in some cases... not all. Don't want to stroke this with the broad brush.

Bottom line to me: the U.S. health system is a shameful scam. I won't even get into my insurance company rant at this time.
... for a place to throw brickbats.
I'm all done tossing brickbats for a while. I have to go scrounge up some lunch for myself and the kitties. More brick-batting later maybe. ;)

Not being #facetious here, You make fine points in your statements above.
The comments that prompted me were extraordinarily broad brushes without any backing.
I sit corrected. I shall search for my narrow edging brush next time. :)