Didn't they promise that once we had left the EU there would be £350M/week for the NHS? Didn't they promise there would be dozens of amazing trade deals signed the minute after Brexit happened? Didn't they promise the UK wouldn't have to pay a single penny of the "divorce bill"? I guess a lot of Brexiteers must be feeling rather sheepish now.....

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You're wasting your time proving him "wrong" or that he's broken promises - he just virtually declared war on the EU:

Brexit day one: Johnson goes for broke with hardline trade deal | Politics | The Guardian

We've all been played - so don't argue with or laugh at brexiteers - that's part of the game - to divide and rule - the brexiteers against remainers, scots, welsh, irish, northerners, southerners, young, old, left against the others.
He's succeeded - we've all been played and cannot fight against him - instead against each other.

So how we're going to unite against him?

No more making fun of Trump and Johnson - they've both showed that they are far more clever than any of us. They've played those who felt marginalised and those who felt so smug when confronted with such a "fool", a "clown".

This is now serious - and it's about the EU.

They want to break the EU - and any domestic problems in individual EU states - eg. Gilles Jaunes etc. play right into Johnsons hands.

Pulling out of the EU puts a strain on the Germans, as conrtibutors to the EU, and if they react by reducing, that causes unrest among the others.

If they don't reduce their contribution - then there are the far-right in Germany, who will start weakening the govewrnment and the whole status quo.

This is very serious - and I don't think using the word war is an exageration because trade is basically what wars are about - i.e. money and domination.

It is a time to work on reconciliation in the UK and EU between the people against what is blatantly a common enemy.

You cannot rely on the media, but stop antagonising in the internet, in the pub etc.

Persuading Brexiteers of this requires patience, perseverence and, above all, humility and understanding - because we have ALL been played.

Meanwhile Johnson can do what he wants in parliament - he has purged the party.

He's attacking the justice system etc - and we can't do a single thing.

because we aren't united