Resist & Remember: Weimar - An #Anti-Fascist #RPG

Resist & Remember is an anti-fascist RPG celebrating & commemorating those who stood up to tyranny and often paid the ultimate price.

Never Forget (To Punch #Nazis In The Face)

Resist & Remember: Weimar--is a #roleplaying game built into five narrative Acts. The first four of these Acts cast the PCs as artists, barflies, Communist and Anarchist partisans, filmmakers, performer, socialites, writers, and other assorted trouble makers weathering the sea change in culture and society in #Berlin from the last days of #Weimar Republic through the rise of Nazi Germany. There, you will rub elbows with German artists, thinkers, creators, and other personalities, whose life trajectories parallel those of your characters: some will make it out alive, others will not be so lucky.

Weimar Berlin at the end of the #1920s and beginning of the #1930s was a progressive, liberal cultural hotbed of radical new ideas in art, music, architecture, and writing, as well as a divided political battleground with Anarchist, Monarchist, and National Socialist partisans fighting in the streets (the early 20th Century equivalent of Black Lives Matter clashing with Trump supporters, although nearly every day). The New Woman shook up the societal landscape, with German girls that were more sexually liberated and independent than ever before. At the same time, cabaret performances and theater were racier and more politically controversial than ever, and people of color were the trendiest musical acts at bars and night clubs.

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Kickstarter: Resist & Remember: Weimar - An Anti-Fascist RPG (End Transmission Games)

This doesn't fit the usual interpretation of the definition of a Roleplaying Game. A Roleplaying Game in the definition normally used in America doesn't use a theatrical act structure and artificial structure limits. This seems more an interactive fiction narrative or in person theater improv like that used in some museum tours and such.