Could very well turn out to be very close to the truth....

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Have you seen some of the comments?
I quote:
Simon Livesey (@SimonLivesey): "You have literally no understanding of negotiation."

Russ (@RussinCheshire): "Probably true. I was only on the negotiations team for the 1998 to 2001 global fisheries agreements with the WWF, EU, NAFTA and African Union. What would I know?"

Simon Livesey (@SimonLivesey): "Mate I'm professionally trained in negotiations too and I know it's ABSOLUTELY VITAL to have a walkaway, and be or at least appear to be prepared to use it.
Either you're being disengenous in your original post and you know that too or you have forgotten it."

Russ (@RussinCheshire): "If you're negotiating for a car deal, you can walk away, cos there are other dealerships.
Tell me where the other EU is."
tomgrz diaspora
The EU has the upper-hand though...
@mfierst always remember, "this country has had enough of experts!!!!!!11one"
@tomgrz surely somebody should tell the EU that the UK holds all the cards because the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU? I read it in the Daily Mail, so it must true!!!!!!!!!111one
hck diaspora
Well, UK still wants a unicorn. UK will get it. Said said unicorn will look like and behave like some rhinoceros.

As its near (western) Christmas: do have a look at Iob 39:9.
lovely, but i am really sry 4 the people in the uk
tomgrz diaspora
Majority rules?
@tomgrz if only it was a real majority.... FPTP provides minority parties with majorities they don't really deserve.
tomgrz diaspora
^a lot like the good ol' USA. Somehow us English-speakers managed to f-up democracy.